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Truck Stop Ministry

Kerry Wichterich

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Bright Light Acts                                     

Light cannot be overcome by darkness, but it can be blocked by      

something keeping you from seeing it.  Many want to be the             

  light but don't want to be plugged in and you know what happens because of that ...

Dead To Sin                                             

The place of a real Christian is the place of being "dead" in              

Christ.  What!?!  What am I talking about you may be saying           

right about now, listen to find out.

Steve Harvey Introduces Jesus                

If Steve Harvey had a chance to bring out Jesus, this is the                  
he would do it. It may not be exactly how you would do it, but             

this is how he would do it.

Communicate Your Faith                        

This is the way of a Christian, one who tells the message to            

others so they too can get eternal life.  Go your way and tell           

your story to those you come across, every day.

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Normal Day At The Truck Stop               

Another day at the truck stop holding chapel services is just another
  day doing what Christian do. That is, witnessing to others and doing
the works the Lord died for to do.                                                                                       

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Bible Service Times                                 

Want to know what time it is?  Its time to attend a chapel                     
service at the ta truck stop in Slidell, La off of exit 266.  Come              

and see what the Lord will do for you.

Marriage & Divorce                                

This is how to dodge the remarriage trap many people who are      
"Christians" are entangled in this wicked web of deceit because      
of misguided beliefs.                                                                                                     

Rose of Sharon TV Show                           

View the TV show I was on here at this video blog. Telling my              
story to the people watching the TV is a wonderful event that              

the Lord can set up for any person.

Meditation My Way                                     

This is what I meditate on.  Listen to the whole video, its                      
only about less than 7 minutes long but packed full of good                  

stuff.  Don't believe my?  Then just listen, go ahead and click to watch.

Devils In The White House                        

There is the ability to do exactly what is needed when we know this.    
And the ability doesn't come from our efforts at all, But still, Yes We    


Greater Works                                           

Work is a noble activity but there is a special work of which every        
born again Christian is doing.  A work that is His work in the earth  

today.  Learn more here.

Be The Light                                           

Where every you go you are the light.  When you go into a room     

light has just walked into the room.  Keep that in you mind all          

the time, don't every forget who ...