Healing Scriptures                                     

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.  Listen to           
the scriptures as I read them to you.   Then believe what you              

are hearing.

Lets Talk About Sex                                

Today in today's world pre-teens are "having sex", fornication         

is the right word to use...  Choosing the right sex having sex with    

comes from the lust of the flesh. 

Working On The Sabbath Day                

I know everyone (just about everyone) works on the Sabbath.        

AND I know you will say Wait a minute, we are not under the           

law of God any more.  We don't have to remember that commandment because ... 

KJV Bible                                                    

What's the big deal about the King James Bible?  Is this a subject that  

is an important issue, or fringe heresy?  To the average English speak- 

ing Christian, it is simply a “rabbit trail” to argue for?                                                           

Understand Wisdom If You Can            

To you simple person understand wisdom and get understanding     

on the inside of you.  Excellent things are in the mouth of the           

One.  Get instruction, not wealth.

Words Of Life                                         

Want to have the power to change things like who you are what     

have or even where you are going?  Yes, you can do it you can        

go where you want to go as long as ... 

Hear The Words "Only Believe"                

This is the only thing you MUST do.  Taking in everything that is          
to be learned and you will still miss it just because of just one             

little thing.  You gotta get this one right!

The Sissy, Are You One Too?                    

Being called a sissy just because you have the name of the One on      
you is just like a mosquito bite.  Don't think you are being persecuted  

like the people who lived in Bible times or in other parts of the world....

What Motivates You?                            

Can you put your finger the thing that moves you?  "Be all you       

can be!" as said by the mover and shakers of the world.  BUT         

the end will come to even those who can move and shake...

Do You Have Life Or No                             

Think about blowing up a balloon with air and you will see something   
that escapes most.   Except we believe on the Son we don't have life   

in us.  Jesus Christ is life.  He comes within us by His Spirit....

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Well Done, Well Done!                           

Don get called on the carpet, do what is right.  What is right?         

You will hear the words well done if you do exactly what is right.     

Find out what you must do today.

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Fear Who?                                                  

Everybody fears someone at some time in their life.   If you really do get

this one down then you will never fail living your life. Your wisdom will be

beyond your years many will say of you.