2nd Commandment?... Whaat!             

Living in this modern age almost everyone says; "There's no more   

worship of any idols today, that's the past."   BUT is this really          

true?  The ostrich puts his head in the hole ... hint, hint.

John 3:16 - World Renowned Verse       

In the words of this verse you will discover these words.  "If you      

are lost, you only have to look you will find Me," saith the LORD       

"if you fall, I will catch you, I will be waiting.

Learn To Be A Witness                              

Take a message to your world is as easy as breathing the air around    
you.  Natural as the sun light in the morning and moon light at night.   

Sooo you feel un-natural about all of this, right ...


Ever think that you can actually pay for your sins by paying a fee          

or money to get sin erased from your life?  Well some people, can         

you imagine this, actually did think that very thing.   Why?  It was because.....


There are those times when you hear something and it right                

 on time.  That's how the word of the Living God comes to us            

look for Him because of Who He is, but for...

Zika Virus, No Worries                              

This Zika virus has infected 3 families here in the USA.  There is also   
an awesome covenant the Living God made with us through the Lord   

Jesus Christ ... Yay God!    He only ask of us to repent and believe the message.

Truck Stop Ministry

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Retirement ... Are Your Ready!             

Retirement is a thing to prepare for, right!  Get everything ready     

for that time of your life, true!  Control every penny now so you       

will live the way desired, right!  But ...

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Kerry Wichterich

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John 6:26-27                                              

People follow Jesus for what they think they can get out of it.               

 But He calls these people on the carpet by saying they are not              

look for Him because of Who He is, but for...

Success His Way                                    

How about discovering a Bible Based Plan for Success Using The     

Biblical Guide To Financial Freedom!    Or, the practical Biblical        

Road Maps to Success just by using hidden tools in your head that you already have! 

Target The Restrooms                            

What is going on with the world today!?!  Are we going out of         

our unregenerated heads!  A small group of people getting their      

lustful way through the "bathroom" quest...

Happy Happy Happy                                  

Happy in the good times and always in the worst of times.  Should       
you get happy like this you will know without a doubt what I know       

and experience every day.

Where Is Your Destination                    

Being dispatched to your end destination is an everyday thing,        

and that's how your DM rolls!  But there is a destination only            

you are in the driver's seat to go to.  Will you make the destination decision? 

Pray For The Sick                                       

Want the ability to help people get healed?  Just do this one thing        
and you will have the great ability to help people get healed, saved      

and delivered.