Kerry Wichterich

Driver's Testimony

The Way To Handel Problems & Circumstances          

By Chaplain Kerry      

NO PROBLEM is bigger than the Almighty.  He is wiser and stronger than you and can change any circumstance.  Never accept problems to be bigger and stronger than the Almighty.

OVERCOME the idea that He will not help you.  He truly wants to help you.  Never stop believing He wants to help YOU.

GIVE UP YOUR OWN WAY.  For that is what put you in the circumstance you're in.  Find His way in the Bible's New Testament.  Never go back to your way again.

TRUST HIS WAY of overcoming problems and circumstances.  It may be different and awkward to you at first, but it is the highway to recovery.  Allow His way to change you from the inside out.

PRAY BELIEVING your words are heard by Him and His help is on the way.  Never stop believing and praying with expectation.

ALLOW HIM TO BE LORD over your life so that you may allow Him to be Lord over your life's problems.  Always submit to what He has said in His Word.

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