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      This Valuable Resource Provides The Locations And Descriptions

      Of Over 700 Mountain Passes And Steep Grades In 22 States. Vital

      Information For Anyone Driving A Large Or Heavy Vehicle.

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    * You read all of the way through the Bible in one year ( a novel endeavor in the eyes of some – a realized

         accomplishment for others
    * You read the Bible in Chronological order – as it occurred – much like a novel would read
    * You have an extensive set of notes to help you understand the difficult parts of the Bible – and bring to radiant

         beauty many of your most favorite passages
    * The entire Bible has been put to dates – even up to the time of day for some passages
    * The notes are both theological and inspirational – you will learn and your heart will be moved as you do


Mountain Directory: A Guide For Truckers, RV & Motorhome Drivers

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