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#2. The Parachute - ☠     

     TWO DRIVERS, each seated in their truck at a truck stop.  The first driver is giving a parachute and is told; "Put it on because it will improve your ride up this narrow mountain road." 

     He's skeptical at first and can't see how wearing a parachute would improve his ride.  "That don't make no since," he said to himself.  But after a while he decides try it on to see if what he was told was true, and he puts on the parachute.
     The first thing he notices, is the weight of the parachute upon his shoulders, and how difficult it is to sit upright in his truck.  However he consoles himself with the fact that, he was told; it would improve his ride, so he decides to give it a go.

      As he's waiting in a line to leave the truck stop, he notices the other drivers laughing at him, and they began talking about him over the CB radio.  He started to feel embarrassed and with anger in his heart he takes the parachute off and throws it out the window, onto the ground.

      NOW THE SECOND DRIVER is given a parachute too, and is told; "Put it on, because you'll have to jump out of your truck when you get to the mountain cliff at about 5000 feet up.  Your truck tandems WILL slide off the narrow icy mountain road and you must quickly jump out of your truck."

      He doesn't feel the weight of the parachute upon the shoulders, nor is concerned how difficult it is to sit upright.
        He is consumed with thinking of what would happen to him if he had to jump out of his truck off the mountain cliff without a parachute.

      Knowing he had to jump out of the truck and having a parachute, gave him a deep rooted joy and appreciation toward those who told him the truth about the narrow icy road.

       This gave him respect and gratefulness toward those who gave him the parachute. 

      Knowing he had to jump out of his truck, this knowledge gave him the ability to withstand the mockery of other drivers and gave him a gratitude toward those who told him the truth.

     The bottom line is this; I do NOT want to tell you that Jesus will improve your ride!  What I will tell you this; YOU will have to jump out of the truck!  You must put on the parachute to survive the jump!  In other words, YOU need to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. YOU must take up your cross and follow Him, because the cliff, which is your life's end, is when you will have to jump!

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Kerry Wichterich

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