The Dignity Fund

The Dignity Fund was passed by voters in 2016, guaranteeing funding to enhance supportive services to help older adults (60+ years old) and adults with disabilities (18 – 59 years old) age with dignity in their own homes and communities. The Dignity Fund is administered by the Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS). For more details on how the fund is governed, please see below.


The Dignity Fund was established via charter amendment passed by San Francisco voters as Proposition I in 2016. Working with a coalition of community advocates, Supervisor Malia Cohen took the lead on drafting the measure, which was placed on the ballot by the Board of Supervisors and supported by Mayor Edwin Lee. Proposition I was approved with 66% of the vote. The Fund has two key components:

  • Stabilizes funding for current services and support for older adults, veterans, adults with disabilities, and caregivers; and,
  • Provides additional set aside dollars each year that will address the unmet and emerging needs of these communities.

The text of the Dignity Fund charter amendment can be viewed here.

Funding Structure and Planning

The Dignity Fund legislation established a funding baseline of $38 million and requires the City to grow the Fund to address currently unmet and emerging needs of San Francisco’s older adults and adults with disabilities. Over a ten year period, the Fund will increase by $33 million, beginning with an additional $6 million in the first year (fiscal year 2017-18) and $3 million annually for the next nine years. Beyond that, the additional annual amount will be determined by changes in City revenues.

The Dignity Fund also established a four year planning cycle, starting in fiscal year 2017-18. During the planning cycle, DAS will:

  • Conduct a Community Needs Assessment (CNA) to identify service gaps and unmet needs; and,
  • Develop a Services and Allocation Plan (SAP) to outline how the Dignity Fund will be used to meet the identified needs of the community.

Administration and Oversight

The Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) administers the Dignity Fund, primarily through contracts with community-based organizations developed through the City’s competitive solicitation process. The Dignity Fund Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC) monitors and advises DAS on the administration of the Dignity Fund in a manner accountable to the community. The OAC is advised by the Service Providers Working Group (SPWG), which engages a cross section of service providers who inform, educate and provide consultation on policy matters.